T-6 Texan

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The North American T-6 Texan, Two-Place Advanced Trainer, Was the Classroom for Most of the Allied Pilots Who Flew in World War II. Called the SNJ by the Navy and the Harvard by the British Royal Air Force, the AT-6 (Advanced Trainer) was Designed as a Transition Trainer Between Basic Trainers and First-Line Tactical Aircraft. It Was Re-designated T-6 in 1948.

In all, the T-6 Trained Several Hundred Thousand Pilots in 34 Different Countries Over a Period of 25 years. A Total of 15,495 of the Planes were Produced. Though Most Famous as a Trainer, the T-6 Texan, also Won Honors in World War II and in the Early Days of the Korean War.

Although Not as Fast as a Fighter, it was Easy to Maintain and Repair, had More Maneuverability and was Easier to Handle. A Pilot's Airplane, it Could Roll, Immelmann, Loop, Spin, Snap and Vertical Roll. It was Designed to Give the Best Possible Training in all Types of Tactics; From Ground Strafing to Bombardment and Aerial Dog-Fighting. ​​

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​ T-6 Ride Flight Information

  • 200 lb. Rider Weight Limit

  • Riders Must be at Least 12 years of age.

  • ​​Rider Between the Age of 12 - 17 Must Have a Legal Guardian Present at Time of Check- in.

  • ​This Ride is Considered Medium - High for Flight Intensity.


Your ride on a T-6 may be aboard WASP Squadron's NellaNella was an advanced training aircraft used at the all-female Avenger Field in Sweetwater, TX where the WASP attended military flight training.

In 1944, Women Airforce Service Pilots Peggy McCaffery, Jane Doyle, and Bee Haydu flew "267."

The name "Nella" was inspired by this photo and Fifinella, the mascot of Women Airforce Service Pilots during WWII.

WASP Jane Doyle with Squadron Member and "Nella" Sponsor Sandie Anderson

Inside the luggage compartment contains signatures of all WASP that have flown “Nella” since 2016.

"Nella" at Homecoming 2018

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