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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find information about a specific tour stop?

All information about a tour stop is included on the City Page for that stop. Just click on the Schedule and select a tour stop from the drop down list. Information on the City Page will include  a list of attending aircraft, event location, dates, hours of operation, and links for booking rides.

Please remember weather and maintenance issues sometimes keep airplanes from attending.

What you should know about cockpit tours:

B-29 and B-24 cockpit tours are available throughout the event when the aircraft are not in motion. Ride flights are conducted at the beginning of the day and the airplanes are open for cockpit tours as soon as possible after the last ride flight (generally 30-45 minutes). Cockpit tours in other attending aircraft are generally available when the aircraft are not in motion, but are subject to the rules designated by the unit or squadron operating that particular airplane.


What about ride cancellations?

Rides cancelled due to maintenance or weather issues:

  • Customer may reschedule the ride at that stop if possible.

  • Customer may request a gift certificate for use at a future stop.

  • Customer may request a full refund.

Rides cancelled by customer:


  • $ 95 fee (per seat) for cancellations prior to 7 days before the ride date.

  • $ 150 fee (per seat) for cancellations within 2-7 days of the ride date.

  • No refunds for cancellations within 1 day of the ride date.

  • No shows are non-refundable.

  • Tickets purchased the day of the ride may not be changed or refunded.

Riders must check in at our ride desk at least one hour prior to the scheduled flight.



How long are the bomber flights?

The flight time for the B-29 and the B-24 is approximately 30 minutes in the air. 


What happens if I have already purchased a ride on one of the aircraft and there are weather or maintenance delays?

Our Ride Desk will contact you prior to your flight time and try to reschedule a new time that we have available. If you can not meet the new proposed times, we will then issue you a full refund. 



May I use photography and video equipment inside and around the aircraft?

The Commemorative Air Force encourages photographers to document these few remaining relics of American Aviation History.

Photos or videos taken of CAF aircraft may be used for non-commercial purposes or for limited circulation in educational establishments, such as schools or museums.

Any additional commercial use such as merchandise, websites, books, advertisements, newspapers or magazines will require approval from Commemorative Air Force headquarters. In instances where merchandise is involved, a royalty fee may apply.

Permission will be given on a case-by-case basis, based on the project. Please contact the PR director of the Commemorative Air Force for approval. These rules are created so the Commemorative Air Force can protect the brand, the integrity of the organization and ensure the aircraft assets are protected as well.

The Commemorative Air Force is always looking for talented photographers to share their work with CAF. We value the intellectual property rights of others and will not share your work without permission.

Please contact the PR Director, (432) 563-1000

Creative Director, Leah Block, (713) 366-1481 or



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