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P-51 Mustang

Experience History at 400 mph . . .

One of the Most Famous and Effective Fighter Aircraft of World War II, the P-51 was Originally Designed to Fulfill a British Requirement Submitted in April 1940.The North American Aircraft Corporation was Contracted to Design and Build the New Fighter. Early Versions were Powered by 1,100-hp Allison Engines, but Later Models, Starting in 1943, Used the More Powerful Packard-Built Merlin V-1650.

The Merlin-Powered Mustangs were Exactly What the Allied Bombers in Europe Desperately Needed, and They Became Famous For Their Long Range and Potent High-Altitude Escort Capability.

The Most Significant Variant, the P-51D, Featured a 360-Degree-View Bubble Canopy, a Modified Rear fuse- large, and Six 12.77-mm Machine Guns. Along With the Fighter Role, Mustangs Were Used for Ground Attack and Reconnaissance. After 1945, Over 50 Air Forces Around the World Acquired and Used the Mustang for Many More Years, Some as Recently as the Early 1980s.



Specifications (P-51D)


  • Engine: One 1,695-hp Packard Merlin

  • Weight: Empty 7,125 lbs.

  • Max Takeoff: 12,100 lbs

  • Maximum Speed: 437 mph

  • Ceiling: 41,900 ft.

  • Range: 1300 miles

  • Production: 15,386

  • Flying Today: 150 (approx.)

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20-Minute Ride Experience

               $ 2,500 at the Event and Online


40-Minute Ride Experience

               $ 4,000 at the Event and Online


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A Chance of a Lifetime to Take Flight in One of the Most Important Aircraft in All of Aviation History. If There Ever Was a Bucket List Item, This is it. Simply Stated, This is a Ride You Will Never Forget! Book Your Seat Online Today as Seats Sell Fast and are Often SOLD OUT by the Time We Reach a Tour Stop. Buying Online Guarantees You Have a Seat Reserved. 

​ P-51 Ride Flight Information

  • Flight Experiences are 20-minutes or 40-minutes (time in the air).

  • Riders Must be at Least 12 years of Age to Ride. 

  • ​Riders Between the Age of 12 -17 years Must Have a Legal Guardian Present at Time of Check-in.

  • The rider must be under 6'2" and weigh less than 275 pounds.

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