SB2C Helldiver

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Experience Dive Bomber History... 

The CAF Helldiver is the only SB2C still flying today out of 7,140 built and one of only five complete aircraft remaining. This particular aircraft is an SB2C-5, the last production variant of this aircraft. This specific airframe was utilized by the U.S. Navy from 5 July 1945 through 31 August 1948.  The first production SB2C-1 flew on 30 June 1942, and SB2Cs first flew into combat in the campaign for Rabaul in November 1943. By the next year the SB2C had replaced the SBD Dauntless as the Navy's first line dive bomber. The SB2C Helldiver was Navy carrier based and U.S. Marine island based. It was significantly faster and more potent than the SBD.  


The SB2C could pack a punch with its 2 x 20 MM Cannons with 800 rounds per gun in addition to 2 x .30 caliber machine guns with 2,000 rounds per gun.  The aircraft could carry in its internal bomb bay up to 2000 lbs of bombs. It also could carry on each of its two under-wings hard points 500 lb bombs, depth charges or 8 unguided rockets.  The SB2C was responsible for more ship tonnage sunk during WWII than any other aircraft.  This aircraft is painted in the colors and markings of an SB2C to commemorate the U.S.S. FRANKLIN (CV-13) known as the "Ship that Wouldn't Die."


Specifications (SB2C)
Engine: Wright R-2600 Radial 
Weight: Empty 10,547 lbs.

Max Takeoff 16,616 lbs

Maximum Speed: 295 mph

Ceiling: 29,100 ft.

Range: 1,165 miles

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 SB2C Ride Flight Information

  • Typical flight experience is about 30 minutes.

  • Riders must be at least 12 years of age to ride. 

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  • This flight is considered high for flight intensity.