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Fun For the Whole Family

The Commemorative Air Force is dedicated to bringing the history and passion of our American Heritage to cities across America. We believe educating both young and old is key to preserving the legacy of our country. We strive to provide family friendly fun and activities with an emphasis on learning history. Join us at our tour stops across America to experience the passion and joy of these historic aircraft.

Family Fun and Education

Getting up close and personal with these aircraft is the best way to learn history. We invite everyone to come climb the ladder, navigate their way into the cockpit and experience the history first hand. Your paid admission includes the opportunity to tour the B-29 and B-24. 

Children of all ages and their parents are encouraged to take a cockpit tour.  ​

There are no ropes or barriers, just full access. Get up close and take lots of pictures. Take advantage of this experience your family will never forget.

B-29 Aircraft Tours

Make your way under the wing of the enormous aircraft and duck low as you enter the forward bomb bay.  Here you will see bomb racks and bombs. Imagine standing on the bomb bay catwalk at 30,000 feet very carefully arming the heavy 500 pound explosive devices.  

You then climb a ladder as you enter the forward cockpit compartment. To your right is the radio seat as you imagine the indistinct chatter of a 1940s high frequency radio. To your left is the navigator's position. Imagine him plotting your course over thousands of miles of ocean.  

Moving forward your breath is taken away by the expanse of glass out the nose of the B-29.  Imagine watching a Japanese Zero diving in for a head on attack run.  Before you get to the pilots stations you see the intricate maze of dials and switches on the flight engineer's panel. You wonder what it would be like to be the guy responsible for the mechanical condition of this machine.  The flight engineer's job is a never ending watch for any indications of a mechanical problem.  

The pilots' stations are well worn and expansive. Think about what it would be like to wrestle this beast through the skies. Manuevering this 10,000 pound airplane is no easy task. Imagine being the aircraft commander in charge of your crew.  What a responsibility.

Ahead in the nose sits the bombardier. He had the best seat in the house for visibility, but was absolutely exposed to attack. Can you imagine pushing the switch to release the bombs?

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