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Donate to honor a WWII Veteran who once fought or maintained the B-29 Superfortress or B-24 Liberator.  Should you be interested in being a host to honor a Veteran, please click here. This will allow you to run a donation group that will participate in our Honor Their Service program. Should it meet one of our Sponsor amounts, we will send the Veteran or their family the gift(s) the donation amount meets. 

Once you have submitted your host information, you can then request for others to donate on behalf of the Veteran by using the unique code you created. You can click the button 'Donate to a Veteran' or click here


To learn more about our Honor Their Service program, click here.


B-29 Superfortress FIFI - Honor Their Service Recognition

1. Elaine Agather

2. Micah D. Crimins

3. MAJ. Robert E. "Bob Nellis" USAAF

4. MSGT. Henry "Red" Erwin, USAAF

5. CAPT. Jack Dennis

6. CAPT. James D. McWethy, USAAF

7. Paul Maupin

8. CAPT. Marvin Demanzuk, 39th BG

9. M/SGT. Virgil Boswell, USAAF

10. CAPT. Arthur G Spoerl, USAF

11. LT. Richard Thomsen, B-29 Pilot

12. S/SGT. Emery Gill, Jr, USAAF

13. Dustin Boontheekul

14. James Otis King

15. Cynda Jane Cason

16. Caroline Grace Spreng

17. Gail Snyder, 504BG

18. SPC Troy Dugstad, US

19. EAA 643 Skymanor - Pittstown, NJ

20. Joel Kimmel

21. MAJ. WM R Dubishar USAAF '43-65

22. LT Burt Weidenkopf, 491ST BG

23. Melvin L. Woodlard, B-29 Crew

24. Matt Rokoskie

25. Sprenger Family, Asheville, NC

26. Richard N Thomsent Pilot B-29

27. Victor Neils Agather, Jr.

28. Bob Nalley

29. Albert Staton Sr USAAF

30. Joseph E. Sahlen

31. William C. Yates, II

32. Enterprise Holdings Foundation

33. Stephen C. Brown

34. Mater Sargent Loyd C. Smith

35. Paul M. Ford

Platinum Sponsors

1. Col. Victor N. Agather, USAF

2. James Cavanaugh

Commemorative Sponsors

B-24 Liberator Diamond LIl - Honor Their Service Recognition

Names will go here

Platinum Sponsors

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Commemorative Sponsors

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