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Fairchild PT-19

PT-19 in flight (1).JPG
They call it the Cradle of Hero's

Compared to the earlier biplane trainers, the Fairchild PT-19 provided a more advanced type of aircraft. Speeds were higher and wing loading more closely approximated that of combat aircraft, with flight characteristics demanding more precision and care. Its virtues were that it was inexpensive, simple to maintain and, most of all, virtually vice-less. The PT-19 truly lived up to its nickname, the Cradle of Heroes. It was one of a handful of primary trainer designs that were the first stop on a cadet's way to becoming a combat pilot.


Thousands of the PT-19 series were rapidly integrated into the US and Commonwealth training programs, serving throughout World War II and beyond. Even after their retirement in the late 1940s, a substantial number found their way onto the US civil register such as the one owned and operated by the Commemorative Air Force.  Book now to enjoy your ride.  

Specifications (PT-19)
  • Engine: One 175hp Ranger L-440-1 engine 

  • Weight: Empty 1,845 lbs

  • Max Takeoff 2,545 lbs.

  • Maximum Speed: 132 mph

  • Ceiling: 15,300 ft.

  • Range: 348 miles

  • Production: 7700 (approx.)

  • Flying Today: 100 (approx.)​


Book A Ride Today
20 Minute Ride Experience

Price is $180 for a 20 minute flight. 


Experience the thrill and joy of an open cockpit journey.  Experience the most successful trainer in history, the PT-19 Cornell! You and the pilot will embark for a 15-20 minute ride and have the opportunity to enjoy the majestic journey of open cockpit flying.

​ Fairchild PT-19 Ride Flight Information

  • The flight experience is approximately 20 minutes of flight time.

  • Riders must be at least 12 years of age.

  • ​Rider between the age of 12 and 17 must have a legal guardian present at time of check in.

  • This ride is considered a low-medium for flight intensity.

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