Boeing PT-13 Stearman

They Call it the Pilot Maker...

​Officially Named the Boeing Model 75, This Plane is Almost Universally Known as the "Stearman." The Army Designated it the "PT," the Navy the "N2S", and the Canadians called it the "Kaydet." By Any Name, it is Recognized as the Quintessential Primary Trainer for American Aviators in World War II.

The U.S. Army Air Corps First Ordered the Model 75 in 1935, One Year After the Stearman Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kansas was Acquired by Boeing. This Two-Seat Biplane Incorporates Wood-Framed Wings With Fabric Covering and a Fuselage With Welded Steel Framework, Also Fabric Covered.

In 1940, with War on the Horizon, Production Ballooned With 3,520 Aircraft Delivered in That Year Alone. Other Than Engines, There is Little Difference Between the PT-13/N2S-2 (Lycoming R-680), the PT-17/N2S-1 (Continental R-670) and PT-18 (Jacobs R-755) Models. Production Ceased in February 1945 for an Airplane Considered Rugged, Relatively Forgiving, and Overall an Excellent Trainer.

Specifications (PT-17)
  • Engine: One 220-horsepower Continental R-670-5 

  • Weight: Empty 1,936 lbs.,

  • Max Takeoff 2,717 lbs.

  • Maximum Speed: 124 mph

  • Ceiling: 11,200 ft. Range: 505 miles

  • Production: 10,346

  • Flying Today: 1,000 (approx.)​


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Experience the Thrill and Joy of an Open Cockpit Journey in Perhaps the Most Recognized Trainer of all Time, The PT-13 Boeing-Stearman! You and the Pilot Will Embark for a 20-Minute Ride and Have the Opportunity to Enjoy the Majestic Journey of Bi-Plane Flying.

PT-13 Stearman Ride Flight Information​
  • Riders Must be at Least 12 years of Age.

  • ​Rider Between the Age of 12 and 17 Must Have a Legal Guardian Present at Time of Check- in.


  • ​This Ride is Considered  Low-Medium for Flight Intensity.

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