Tour Schedule

2015 AirPower Tour Calendar

2015 B-29 Schedule


Manassas, Virginia

May 9-13


Baltimore, Maryland

May 14-17


Farmingdale, New York

May 18-25



Northeast Philadelphia

May 27-31


Morristown, New Jersey

June 1-3 


Reading, Pennsylvania

June 5-7


Binghamton, NY

June 8-10


Rochester, NY 

June 11-14


Albany, NY

June 15-17


Nashua, NH

June 18-21


Windsor Locks, Connecticut

June 24-28


Lexington, KY

July 8-12


Kankakee, IL

July 13-15


Madison, WI

July 16-19


Oshkosh, Wisconsin

July 20-27


Cedar Rapids, IA

July 30-Aug 2


Fort Wayne, IN

August 26-27


Detroit, Michigan

August 27-30


Cincinnati, Ohio

September 2-6


St. Louis, Missouri

September 9-13


Branson, Missouri

September 14-16


Great Bend, Kansas

September 17-20


Muskogee, Oklahoma

September 21-23


Olathe, Kansas

September 25-27


New Orleans, Louisianna

October 22-25


2015 B-24 Schedule


 Lakeland, Florida

April 21-26


DeLand, Florida

April 28-May 5


Manassas, Virginia

May 9-13


Baltimore, Maryland

May 14-17


Farmingdale, New York

May 18-24


Morristown, New Jersey

June 1-3


Reading, Pennsylvania

June 5-7


Marion, Illinois

June 8, 2015


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Please Note:   The B-29 FIFI is scheduled to appear at all tour stops.  She will be joined by various other historic aircraft of the Commemorative Air Force and other museums and partner organizations.  Please consult the tour schedule at left for information regarding the exact aircraft attending each event.

Appearances are scheduled but are subject to weather, and maintenance delays.  

CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron

Vintage Flying Museum

505 NW 38th Street 

Hangar 33 South

Fort Worth, TX 76106


The CAF AirPower History Tour is a production of the B-29/B-24 Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force
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